Easy Walking, Easy Talking Workshops

Through fun and enjoyable activities, learning Dutch will become pleasant rather than a task.

Although books and online courses can help in understanding the theory of a language, you can only learn to fluently speak through practice. Even if you have mastered the grammar fairly well, it might still be difficult to translate throughts to words. The most effective way to learn a language fluently is to become immersed in it: practice and learn from your mistakes.

Experience with "learning to learn" shows that it is not necessary to speak flawlessly and grammatically correct right from the start. Non-verbal communication, creativity and confidence are very important. To quickly learn speaking Dutch it is not always necessary to memorize all words. A good start is to be able to describe what you mean or want to say and in this way step by step expand your vocabulary.

The workshops last 2.5 hours. You choose a standard package of 6 or 12 workshops, or whatever suits you.

  • €55 per hour for 1 participant
  • €35 per hour for 2 participants
  • €25 per hour for 3 participants

Rates include VAT and are per person.

Choose 12 workshops? Get an extra for free.

Interested in a whole weekend of immersive learning with family, colleagues or friends? Combine your program with a stay at Holiday Smitske. For more information visit smitske.com or contact us directly.



For Fitness

Get going

Ideal for participants who, besides learning the language, want to work on their physical condition. This could be by means of more intensive hikes, exercises with health tips, or a tailor-made physio program.

Easy Walking

Easy Walking

Mild activity

For people who like to exercise more gently. The focus of this workshop is more on our surroundings and what is happening around us, for example in the village or an activity or attraction in the neighborhood.


Great Garden

Conversation & person

A relaxing walk around the house and garden. The Great Garden workshop is for participants who want to talk about topics that are currently occupying them, such as a hobby, a certain interest or a specific situation.


Home Tour

Day-to-day activities

An introduction to activities in and around the house and daily life. During the Home Tour activity you will practice everyday subjects that you may enounter on a regular basis, for example cooking, shopping, school, or using public transport.


Let's Talk Business

For employers and employees

A visit to your company or speaking about your work. During this workshop you can practice professional jargon and terminology, intercultural communication, presenting or negotiating in a foreign language, or any other exercise that may apply to your particular situation.


Tips & Tricks

Learning how to learn

In what way could tools such as tablet or smartphone apps and websites help you in finding information and practicing your skills? Among others, we will look at the use of Google Translate and Dutch movies and cartoons to encourage you to continue practicing your Dutch even outside of the workshops.


Go For The Game

Learn & Play

The Go For The Game workshop makes use of educational board- or card games, reading aloud, role play, and/or music when learning the language. These types of casual activities provide a great way to practice both vocabulary and grammar, while doing something fun.

Remote learning

Skip & Skype

Distance learning

It is not always easy to find the time to travel back and forth for a workshop. To make things easier, Easy Walking, Easy Talking also offers the option to take one or more workshops remotely through Skype, from the comfort of your own home.

Not exactly what you are looking for after all? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities, or request an obligation-free intake interview. We will gladly set up a tailor-made program that better fits your needs.